Wine Barrels… And how to use them!

We are SO thrilled to announce that we have added WINE BARRELS to our inventory!! We have heard a number of you ask if we carry them, so we knew we had to get them.


Wine barrels add a great rustic touch to your wedding/event. They make great bistro tables, end caps to an aisle or table, and SO much more. We combed through Pinterest and compiled a list of different ways you can incorporate wine barrels into your event!

1. Cocktail Tables

Using wine barrels as cocktail tables is an easy way to add a rustic touch. They’re wide enough to allow at 3-4 people to stand or sit around it while enjoying refreshments.

cocktail table

2. Card/Escort Card table

Wine barrels are a great surface to collect cards and gifts at your wedding AND to display your escort cards.

sign in.jpg

3 . Entrance

This is a great way to spice up the entrance of your venue! They add that perfect pop without being overwhelming.


4 . Altar

Another great way to incorporate wine barrels is to place them at the altar! You can put a floral arrangement on them, unity candles, unity sand, etc.


5. Ceremony

Aren’t they floral arrangements to DIE for?? We are loving how you can add a rustic touch to your wedding while having a spectacular display of flowers.


6. Table

Who needs tables when you can use wine barrels? Use them as is or get a slab of wood or granite and place it on top of two wine barrels.


7. Beverage table/Bar

What better way to display alcohol than on barrels that held alcohol??


8. Desserts

Desserts taste great on any surface, including wine barrels!


Check out our website here to rent your wine barrels now!

Til next time!




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