Wedding Wednesday: [Sun]Flower Power

We’re on a sunflower kick this week!

Sunflowers are a beautiful, warm colored flower that should be used whenever possible.

We have put together a list of ways to incorporate sunflowers into your next event or wedding!

1. AltarA great way to include sunflowers is by decorating an arch with them.




2. Aisle

Another great way to incorporate sunflowers is to line the aisle with them. You can place them in hanging jars or on the ground!

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3. Bouquet

Adding sunflowers to your bouquet adds a great pop of color and ties in the overall sunflower theme!

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d7df81747fe7b670a24cd33b3f08e778    f24f4afd970ca3367fe4049bd15a0a5e


4. Centerpieces

Give your tables a pop of color by using sunflowers in your centerpieces. They’re great to put in vases or stick around lanterns.

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f64d5d10fb9fb690409da310a40aa402.jpg  fbb15827718ea25dc9de86c4f645b4e3.jpg


5. Decorations

You can add sunflowers to your table number signs, the welcome guest sign, or hang them from the ceiling!

9611c365dbb282fb36664d7a127d990f.jpg  adff74062a98816793ebb1fc89b6d4de



6. Guest Book

What better way to memorialize your sunflower themed wedding than by incorporating it into your guestbook?

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7. Personal Touches

Surprise your groom by having a sunflower garter or use a sunflower to create a beautiful ring shot. The possibilities are endless.

6d2702617209f31204b035b4375c62ba.jpg  24ca3abd8cc6110a5926e0e8db5e9e84.jpg

dd951b5717cc19a63e9b1a36b3ccce26.jpg 69ba335068fab761d4263a8c001cf9ed.jpg


Til next time!


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