Wedding Wednesday: 2017 Lighting Trends

We have been loving all these 2017 wedding trends!

Another great trend we’ve been seeing is lighting.

Lighting is like floral arrangements; it’s the frosting on the cake.

It’s an inexpensive decoration and can definitely liven a space.

Here is our list of top 10 lighting trends!

  1. Twinkle Lights
    These are perfect to create a romantic ambiance at your wedding. Plus, they’re really cheap! If you want to go with something more unique, rent twinkle trees and line the aisle with them!


2. Chandeliers
Chandeliers come in many shapes and sizes. You can get crystal or brass or nickel finish or even make them out of flowers! It really adds that chic feel.
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3. Bistro Lighting

Everyone tends to associate bistro lighting with cafe’s or restaurants, but you can totally use them at your wedding as well! Between dangling them from wooden beams to creating a cool backdrop to stringing them inside a tent to draping them around a dance floor… The possibilities are endless!
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4. Up lighting

This is great to do when you use pipe and drape as a backdrop to your head table or to make a space smaller or to hide an ugly wall. Up lighting is also great to illuminate a pole or sections of a wall. It makes for a dramatic entrance to your reception!

5. Hanging Candles

Calling all Harry Potter fans!! What better way to create the perfect wedding than with hanging candles like in the Great Hall at Hogwarts?? For you non Harry Potter fans, hanging candles provides a romantic feel to your wedding and looks really great for pictures.

57d2144666a2db48e671ac6edc4119e1   589447dda20fd2435d41eddd8d7fd55e    a36dd8916f54be007d63d117be510a08

6. Hanging Fixtures

Do you see a theme going here? Hanging lights are on point this year. Definitely incorporate it somehow with your wedding!

084c195d872a83d354a4d73bcb871d37   1099a77db982c0d79806f63e29e0bc77  3498431_orig1

7. Pathway Lights

We are seriously loving this trend. It’s simple, inexpensive, and looks super classy. You can do something simple and line the aisle on both sides with candles or create a fun design. The sky is the limit!

66bea36bf7c21efe8d20d9a3ff55a0e8   ecbbf113e8759b7cd9a1349eb48af3dc   eecb9f2bb70be99d82111dd5f09836c5

8. Light Up Letters

These are a great way to personalize your wedding. Plus, they make a great backdrop for photos!




9. Lanterns and vases

Rose gold, mercury votives, lanterns, and geometric vases are super IN right now. They are great for table centerpieces and to line the aisle!

10. Sparklers

So, this isn’t technically considered a light, but COME ON. They create a PERFECT photo op at your wedding. Talk to your photographer about creating a long exposure picture to write out “love” or “thank you” or a swirl like the picture below.

26b2b1a341cafccde3896ca2b4939f9b  e5b1f672cedf48ecd93f91dbac520a0b  43f8a2b58e845d7be6705e08c41d4f97

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