Featured Friday: Photo Props

Photo booths have really been trending lately.

They give an added personal effect to your wedding or event because it allows your guests to interact, be silly, and they get to take home a picture! What a great favor right?

Photo props are a great way to add a funny, whimsical, or themed aspect, so we strongly suggest investing in some for your wedding or event!

They come in many shapes, themes, and sizes.

Props are great for guests to add an extra pop or funny element to a photo booth!


Here’s a boho themed one from Etsy.

You can also get them to look like an Instagram frame! Isn’t this perfect for a bridal shower??


You can customize it to say your name, what it’s for, add a hash tag, and a date!

This one is from Creative Union Design on Etsy.

We even got our own for bridal shows from Creative Union Design on Etsy as well!


If you decide to get your own prop like this, DOUBLE CHECK that it includes the cardboard backing. Most Etsy shops just provide the digital file and then give you instructions on how to do it yourself. We paid the extra money to have them do it for us. Definitely worth it!

We would love to see pictures of photo props that you’ve used at your events or weddings! Leave them in the comment section below!

Til next time!


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