Wedding Wednesday: Spring Floral Arrangements

So, you’ve got the dress, the venue, all your rentals (hopefully us!), and catering checked off your list. Now all that’s left is the flowers.

We strongly suggest going to Pinterest for any and all floral inspiration, like we did (Thanks Fabulous Florals!). Yours and your bridesmaids bouquets is what makes things pop in pictures. It’s a great way to incorporate all of the colors or the overall theme you’re going with!

As far as centerpieces for your tables, the perfect touch is a floral centerpiece. It really gives your tables that extra something to dress it up.

Here are some great floral trends for 2017 (again, thanks Fabulous Florals!).

Definitely reach out to your local florist for what is currently in season. They are also great at providing different ideas.

Stop on by our website to see all of our floral items that you can rent! We have vases, mirrors, lily bowls, and more.


Til next time!



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