Wedding Wednesday: Hosted Bar vs. No-Host Bar

So, you’re trying to decide between a hosted bar and an open bar.

If you’re having your wedding at a venue, a number of them will have a bar onsite where you can choose between having a hosted bar or an open bar. Some will even let you bring in your own alcohol and just charge a corkage fee! Definitely talk to your venue and see what the bar options are.

Hosted and open bars both have their pros and cons. Some may not even know what the difference is! See the breakdown (and definitions) below to decide which option is best for your wedding day!



When each drink ordered is rang up and then you’re handed the bill at the end of the night


  • It’s a nice treat for your guests


  • If you don’t put a cap on what can be spent, you might be shocked at the end of the night when you receive the bill.



When each drink purchased is paid for by each guest.


  • You don’t have to worry about being responsible for the bill at the end of the night.


  • None!


There is a hybrid option where you can purchase beer and wine at wholesale price and then pay a corkage fee at the venue. Any alcoholic drinks would be paid for by the guest. A lot of people do this for their weddings!

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Til next time!


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