Featured Friday

Yay for our first Featured Friday!

Featured Friday posts will include anything events related, guest bloggers, stylized shoots, new inventory, and much more!

This Friday, we are going to talk about how to set up the perfect holiday buffet. While having a seated dinner with waitstaff is super classy, it can be stressful and expensive. People tend to shy away from buffets because they don’t think it looks as nice. But why compromise efficiency for class? We say you can have both!


See? Isn’t that beautiful?

You can achieve this in a few simple steps. See below for a step-by-step guide!

1.) Set up your plates in a line on one side of the table.


2.) Use an oval platter for your veggie tray and triangle tip tongs so guests don’t use their fingers! Anything that you can put in a bowl, place a colored charger (like our gold one!) underneath for a pop of color.

3.) For desserts, use squared plates or our 2 tiered or 3 tiered (pictured) cupcake stand. Remember, place food in this order: finger foods, main course, and then dessert!


4.) A creative way to display flatware is to either use glasses or bowls/plates (pictured). Place glasses upside down on our rectangle platters and your folded napkins on a charger! Have these items at the end of the table to bookend the plates.


5.) The final touch is to have a couple floral arrangements on the table to add a classic touch to your overall buffet. We loved using our square and round vases to hold these beautiful red roses!


Till next time!



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